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Phone And In Person Coaching

Over the past 13 years, Ron Louis & David Copeland, and their instructors have worked one-on-one with hundreds of men from all parts of the globe. Individual coaching is very effective in helping men overcome shyness, fear around women, re-entering the dating world after divorce, creating dating plans, finding and developing long-term relationships, and in helping men come out of their shells.

Phone coaching can help teach you the skills you need to meet, approach, seduce, and succeed with women!

The phone coaching program covers three primary things:

  1. How to get women into your dating "system."

  2. The techniques of seduction (talking to women, dating strategies, niches, approaching women, how to set up dates, etc.) that you must use with the women in your "system."

  3. How to deal with all the "issues" and blocks that come up in you as you learn to be a successful seducer. This includes handling rejection, handling fear of approaching women, and handling the inevitable "curve balls" women present during every stage of a seduction.

On coaching calls we walk you through real world examples of your approaches and seductions and help you find out how to greatly increase your effectiveness with women and get what you want.

Some men need a few months of coaching, while others need only a few sessions. In any case, Louis & Copeland & their Instructors present a cohesive plan of action and work on an individual and confidential basis.

*Coaching sessions take place in one-hour segments. You can speak to Ron, David, or our other instructors based on your goals. Once your payment is received we will find a time to speak that works for you, and we will email you some questions so that our instructors will come to the phone call ready and focused on helping you get what you want.

*Occasionally discounts are given for buying time in bulk.


For all inquires, email Ron Louis at