Why Do Hot Women Chase Down the Bad Boys While Nice Guys Finish Last? 

If You Don't Find Out Now, You'll Hate Yourself Later

Read this Letter to Discover the Simple, Easy "Bad Boy" Secrets and Start Having Women Pursue You Today!

Dear Friend,

Here's a quote from the online diary of a nude model on a popular website (I won't say which one).

She's 22 years old and I know you'd agree that she's one of the hottest women you've ever seen. I've SEEN the naked pictures of her, so I'm sure of it.

Here's what she says on her blog about the "bad boy" she has sex with whenever he wants to.

(And incidentally... If you've ever felt like you've had to "do all the work" with a woman-- and failed to get her anyway!-- then this quote should drive you crazy. And the rest of this letter will help you a LOT.)  

Here's what she wrote (I've put the most important parts in bold):

"He loves me as much as he is capable of loving someone, but he will never love anyone more than himself. So I wait for him to come and go. Maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow. Somehow, I feel calm. I'm taking care of my own life. I just need sex more often. blah."

Again: This was written by one of the most amazing-looking women you will ever see.

Do you think that she is constantly surrounded by men who would devote themselves to her completely?

Of course she is.

Do you think she is approached many times every day by men who would do anything to fulfull her every need and desire?


So why doesn't this superhot woman drop this "Bad Boy"? Why doesn't she go with one of the countless other men who approach her every day?

Why does she choose to wait on the whim of this particular guy?

Why does she devote herself to him, ignore all those other men, and eagerly give him sex whenever he wants it?

Would you like know his secrets? And would you like to be able to use those secrets to get women like her to pursue you... without having to be a jerk?

If so, I know you'll find this letter to be extremely valuable. Because I'm going to show you precisely how to get the women you desire to pursue you by using the "Bad Boy secrets" of being a "Hard to Get" man. 

You can make women work for your approval, without having to be a jerk... and it's EASY once you know how to do it. 

And the great thing is, these simple techniques work even better on the most attractive, sought-after women.

If you find that hard to believe, then check out this unsolicited email I got the other day:

37-year old man ends up in bed with "Mad Hot" 21-year-old girl...

Hey Ron, not only have I done my first, second, and third "Bad Boy Disconnections" with women (like you teach), but I ended up in bed with a MAD hot 21-year-old within 5 days of receiving your materials (I'm 37 years old).

I appreciate how your work is genuinely respectful to all people and not about "tricks".  It's really sharp work. You are helping me move from a long and unfulfilling marriage into the new world of being single. Thank you.

If you want to quote me, that's fine, but (since I'm a businessman) I need  you to please keep it anonymous.

- Happy in N.C. 

And here's another email I recently got...

"She gave me her telephone number without my even asking..."

Hey Ron, let me tell you about how using the "Bad Boy secrets" worked for me.

I was at a party at a friend's house. This one girl was standing by herself at the pool table. She was 5'9", blonde, really pretty, about 19 years old, and kind of quiet.

I was looking for a "Bad Boy" way to break the ice without sounding like I was TRYING to hit on her.

So I decided to do a "Bad Boy Truth Disconnect," like you teach.

I walked straight up to her and said, "You look a little awkward."

That was something I would never have said before learning the "Bad Boy" secrets.  I would have been afraid of hurting her feelings, or starting off "wrong" with her.

But it totally worked! She said apologetically, "I know, I feel really out of place because I don't know anybody here."

So check it out -- Right away I had this hot girl explaining herself to me, and practically apologizing! I was approaching a hot girl, but she was the one who felt apologetic, not me! It was great. 

I said, "Well, now you know me. My name is Hunter." We talked for maybe five minutes and I walked off (like you teach) to "get another glass of wine."

Later she gave me her telephone number without my even asking her for it!

I felt really good about moving in on the hottest girl at the party. I could have never done it without a "bad boy" disconnector. What would I have said, "I think you're so beautiful?" That would have been a disaster. You guys have gotta raise your prices, this is worth so much more than you charge for it!

- Hunter

And then there's Brandon.

Brandon is a normal, 32-year-old guy who used "Bad Boy Disconnects" to get a 22-year-old "Perfect 10" in bed the day after he got these new materials

You'll discover, step-by-step, exactly how he did it later in this letter. But for now, check out this "preview" of his story:

"I got her to seduce me..."

Hey Ron,

I bought "How to be the Bad Boy Women Love," and the very next night I made it work for me in a bar-- with a girl who is a perfect '10'...

I used your "Hard to Get" techniques on her. After that, all I had to do was keep letting her seduce me, little by little...

...Now, I’m 32 and she’s 22...  

...And, finally, I 'gave in' and had sex with her-- with this incredible, smoking-hot girl. And the best part was, by being 'Hard to Get" I got HER to seduce ME into doing it...

Thanks again,

- Brandon
(Again, you'll get the full play-by-play of exactly how Brandon got this girl to seduce him, later in this letter.)

in just a moment I'm going to tell you everything you need to know to become a "Hard to Get" man that women pursue, starting tonight...
But Before You Take My Advice,
You Must Read This

There's something you need to know.

Before you take seduction advice from me (or anyone else), I want to give you an important warning that can save you from a lot of trouble.

When it comes to seducing women, you must get good advice.

You must get advice from someone who has an established track-record helping normal men get the women they desire.

You've got to take advice from someone who has more credentials than "I'm a young pretty-boy and I get laid a lot, so think I can make a quick buck putting up a website about it."

If you try to do what works for the "pretty boys"-- the guys who are young, attractive, and "naturals" with women-- you'll just end up failing with women and blaming yourself...

Even though it's not your fault that their "pretty boy" techniques didn't work for you.

If you want to succeed with women, you must take advice from someone who has extensive, real-world credentials in helping normal men.

Does that make sense?

So before I show you exactly the "Bad Boy Secrets" I've discovered... the exact secrets that other guys just like you are using to get the women they desire to "do all the work" in the seduction...

...I want to "come clean" and be upfront with you about who I am, and why you should listen to me.

Take a second to read the following, and then decide if it makes sense to believe that I can help you get the women you desire:

- My co-author (David Copeland) and I have been dating coaches since 1996-- even before we even had a website.

- We are authors of the best-selling book "How To Succeed With Women," which was published by an international publishing company, Prentice-Hall Press, in 1997. the book

-"How to Succeed with Women" has sold more than 250,000 hardback and paperback copies in 8 languages worldwide (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Lithuanian). Our techniques work for regular guys, all over the world.

- "How to Succeed With Women" is the top-selling Seduction book of the last decade, even though it hasn't been updated since 1997, and has nothing about "Bad Boy Disconnections" in it.

-- Our seduction methods are so "spot on" that major magazines -- from Playboy to Men's Health to Maxim -- have interviewed us about them. Numerous major TV networks, from ABC to CNN, have reported on the success of our methods.

-MTV even did a dating documentary (called Sex2k) about our seduction seminars. That's real-world recognition!

- For the past ten years, we have been helping all sorts of men-- young men, middle-aged men, older men, shy men-- to get the success they want with the women they desire.

I'm not telling you this to brag, or boast, but to make a point:

When I say these "Bad Boy" Secrets are the most revolutionary step forward in seduction that I've ever seen, I know what I'm talking about... and I know they will work for you.

So keep reading to find out about the new, radical, just-off-the-presses approach to seducing women by compelling them to pursue you... simply by using the "Bad Boy" secrets of being a Hard to Get man.

How to Escape the Humiliating Nightmare of Having a Hot Woman "Slip Away"

Let me ask you a question:

Have you ever felt like the more you did to connect with a woman, the more it felt like she was "slipping away" from you?

You probably gave her everything she's wanted, did whatever she said, made sacrifices, and racked your brain to figure out how to please her.

You were interesting, agreeable, curious and complimentary. You looked for things you had in common, and brought those to her attention.

But the more you tried to connect with her, the more disconnected, distant and uninterested she seemed to become. 

And you felt that horrible feeling of a beautiful woman losing interest in you, and slipping away.

But because you didn't know what else to do, you just kept trying... until she wouldn't return your calls, and all your interactions with her became totally awkward.

Have you had that experience? You probably have. You gave her everything she could want... yet she still slipped away.

Well, I'm about to tell you why that happened. 

And better yet, I'm about to tell you how stop it from ever happening again.

In fact, I'm about to tell you how to be the man that she pursues, while you sit back and decide whether or not to let her seduce you.

But first, let me explain why that woman slipped away from you.

You see...

When you gave that hot woman everything she could ever want, you were too "easy to get"... and that made you worthless to her.

Carve this incredibly important fact into your mind, because it's at the core of seducing beautiful women:

If you fulfill ALL of a woman's desires, she will 
have no place to go but away.

Put another way. . .

If you fulfill ALL of a woman's desires, she won't 
be able to move toward you, because you've
left her no "room" to move toward you.

So think about a time that a woman seemed to "slip away" from you.

When you tried to connect with her and fulfill all her desires, your efforts gave her no "room" to move toward you... and ended up pushing her away. 

She didn't run away from you. You pushed her away, because you didn't know the "Bad Boy" secrets of making her pursue you.

Keep reading to find out how to fix this problem, once and for all.

Why "Connecting" does NOT Work with Superhot Women

Myth -- The (wrong) idea most men have is this: Connect with a woman enough, on enough levels, and she'll want to have sex with you.

That is wrong, wrong wrong!

Their thinking goes like this: Find enough things you have in common, and she'll like you. Find things you agree on, make her feel good, be totally available, and smooth over any conflicts, and she'll want to have sex with you. 

That's what most men think.

Again, that's wrong, wrong, WRONG!

Fact -- No matter how good you are at connecting with women, certain women-- those "in-demand" women who are especially beautiful, or any woman who wouldn't normally consider you-- will always be outside of your reach. 

There's simply so much competition, and you're so "not on her radar," that simply trying to connect does not have any effect on her.

If a woman is really beautiful, sexy, or pursued by a lot of men, trying to build a sense of connection with her simply doesn't work.

You need to do something completely different to seduce these women:

If you want a woman you desire to pursue you,
you must
create disconnections that she has to
"climb over" in order to get to you.

Do you think that the nude model I talk about at the beginning of this letter women pursued the "Bad Boy" in her life because he created a sense of connection, similarity, availability or "having a lot in common" with her?

Certainly not.

"Bad Boys" get women because they know how to create "seductive road blocks" that women must overcome to get to them.

And beautiful women, who are used to being given everything they want, can't help but pursue them... no matter how "unsuitable" they may seem.

That is the essence of being a "Bad Boy." And that's why that nude model ignores all the "nice guys" around her, and pursues (and gives sex to) the man who is "hard to get."

You can do this too.

How to Have "Bad Boy" Power Without Being a Jerk

Lots of men who've watched "Bad Boys" getting get hot women to pursue them think that that the secret of getting women must be to simply be the biggest jerk around. 

That's a myth. It's not true.  

Women don't pursue "Bad Boys" because
"Bad Boys" are jerks. That's a myth.

Women pursue "Bad Boys" because
"Bad Boys" do the disconnecting 
actions that make them "Hard to Get".

This is great news for any man who wants to have the success of a "Bad Boy," without having to be a total jerk.

In fact, it's an incredible relief! By taking the small actions that make you a "Hard to Get" man, you can practically compell women to pursue you... without having to change much of the way you do things now.

It's taken me YEARS to understand this, so I'm going to repeat it so you get it RIGHT NOW:

The key to the "Bad Boy's" success with women is not that he is a jerk to her.

The key is that he knows how to be a "Hard to Get" man that she has to pursue.

When you are "Hard to Get" with a woman, you give her desires for you that are unfulfilled... and therefore draw her in your direction.

When you are "Hard to Get" you show her that there's difference between you and her... and that motivates her to work for your approval.

When you are a "Hard to Get" man, you directly show a woman that you have a higher "value" than she does... which intrigues her and makes her want to associate herself with you. 

When you are a "Hard to Get" man, the women you desire pursue you, rather than the other way around.

Doesn't that sound a lot better than what you've been doing?

The 2 Secrets that Hot Women Really, REALLY Do Not Want You to Know

Being a Hard to Get Man is the one-two punch of seduction because it makes use of these 2 secrets that hot women do not want you to know:

Secret #1: Beautiful women are used to being given everything they want. Therefore they feel an overwhelming need to get what they they think they can't have.

It's normal human behavior to want what you think you can't have, but with a hot woman, this need is magnified by the fact that she's never had to go without something she wants.

There's an idea in psychology called "frustration tolerance." Most people learn "frustration tolerance" naturally in their lives, because they often aren't given what they want. 

A beautiful woman's life is different. She is constantly given what she wants. That's why so many beautiful women seem like spoiled brats: they are spoiled brats, and they have no frustration tolerance.

In fact, a hot woman can't stand it if there's something that she can't have. And if you can show a woman that you are "Hard to Get," -- and that, perhaps, she can't have you -- she won't be able to stop herself from pursuing you.  

That's one of the reasons why a hot woman will throw herself at a "bad boy" who is completely "wrong" for her. She thinks she can't have him, and she can't stand there being something that she can't have.

That's also why a hot women will fall hopelessly "in love" with a gay male friend of hers. She  can't have him, so therefore she feels she must have him.

The good news: The techniques that make the "bad boy" and the gay friend "Hard to Get" can work for you, too, on any type of woman.


99.9% of men who pursue women -- that is, all of your competition -- are making the same mistake. They're trying to make themselves more available to woman, which only makes them more boring and more disposable to her. 

It's the opposite of what really works. 

When you know the "Bad Boy" secrets of being a Hard to Get Man, you'll be able to seductively show any woman that you aren't easily available to her.

You'll have the success other men want, but that only the bad boys get... because you'll have the women you desire pursuing you!

But there's another secret that hot women don't want you to know:

Secret #2: Even though she doesn't know it, a hot woman is begging for a man who can provide some challenge to her.

Most men who try to seduce beautiful women avoid challenging those women in any way. 

That is a huge mistake.

The truth is, she's starving for a man who will challenge her: A man who is interesting, and who, for once, is not crowding her with his constant need to connect with her.

That's another reason why "Bad Boys" so often have hot women hopelessly in love with them. A superhot babe who is always surrounded by groveling men who would do literally anything for a crumb of her attention, will be forlornly attracted to a "Bad Boy" who seems to do nothing to get her to like him.

You see, the "Bad Boy" constantly challenges her by performing Hard to Get actions. He doesn't hold back on his opinions with her. He's not groveling or apologetic. He doesn't spend his every moment with her trying to establish the strongest connection possible. In fact, he's not afraid to disagree with her, criticize how she looks, make fun of her, or even piss her off. 

And he knows the secrets of doing all this in a seductive, compelling way. 

The "Bad Boy's" Hard to Get actions makes him a hundred times more interesting to her than the men who would do anything to build connection with her. So she pursues him, and even works on "selling him" on the idea of having sex with her... while all the groveling men who are constantly trying to connect with her watch and cry.

"Bad boys" instinctively know how to be Hard to Get with women. Their techniques work and get the hottest women pursuing them, while they sit back and decide what woman to take. 

That's why I'm so excited to announce my brand-new resource, "How to be the Bad Boy Women Love: Getting the Women You Desire to Pursue You by Being a Hard to Get Man."

For the first time ever, this new program reveals the powerful insider's secrets for getting the women you desire to pursue you the way they pursue a "Bad Boy."

This program gives you an entirely new approach to getting hot women into bed that I call "Being a Hard to Get Man." 

Check out these 2 emails I recently received:

Subject: Unbelievable.

Ron and David,

I don't know if you guys will even actually get this email, but I just purchased the "How to be the Bad Boy" material... I am so unbelievably impressed, and now so enlightened, by your ideas that my head is spinning...And I'm only on page 60.

I mean, THIS IS IT. You guys hit on not only EXACTLY how one ought to handle oneself around women, but also the PRINCIPLES BEHIND IT. I mean, I don't even know what to say to you guys. Fucking INCREDIBLE.

I purchased your Mastery Program series a number of years ago. You're right, it's good, solid material. But now, with the "Bad Boy" book, it's almost like you've provided the fundamental law which makes the Mastery course all come together.

I NEVER write to companies like this, and that is the TRUTH. But you two guys have done such an incredible thing with the "Bad Boy" book that I felt that not writing you would have been a crime.
Ron, David...thank you. Brilliant. You did it. You solved the mystery.
Best Regards,


pic of ScottRon --

'How to be the Bad Boy Women Love' is fantastic!
 This is the 'missing link' in seducing the woman of my dreams.

While your other book, 'How To Succeed With Women,' taught me how to successfully connect with women, this book showed me the final necessary step: how to 'disconnect' with women.  

I've been using the techniques in this book and have been floored by the amazing results. As the creator of a comedy show about my real-life failures in picking up women, I can only wish I knew the power of being a 'hard to get man' many, many years ago.  

I’ve made every mistake in the world with women, and this book could’ve saved my ass (and gotten me a lot more ass, too!).

I think every man needs to know the material covered in this book. It contains the secret that men are never told in any other seduction course. 

- Scott Rose, creator of "Computer Geek: One Nerd’s Search For His Soulmate" http://www.computergeekshow.com

In our new downloadable book, "How to be the Bad Boy Women Love: Getting the Women You Desire to Pursue You by Being a Hard to Get Man," you'll discover 

  • Everything you need to know to become a Hard to Get Man,
  • Everything you need to know to get beautiful women to pursue you, and 
  • Everything you need to know to never feel powerless with a beautiful woman again

"Turn the Tables" on the Way
Women Test You

Here's an important fact you must know:

When you first talk to a woman-- especially a hot one-- she's testing you. The fastest way for her to find out if you are a real man that she would desire is to "push" you and see how you respond to her insults and slights.

That's why you've felt like women have been laughing at you, or looking down on you, or testing you. They have been! (Don't worry, I'm going to fix that for you, once and for all).

Because women need to test men, they've developed a system for doing it... by being rude, difficult, or even just a little bit insulting, just to see what you'll do.

Most men try to "smooth things over" and connect with women when hot women test them. These men instantly fail the test... which is just the way hot women want it.

Simply put, when you reward a woman for her bad behavior, she will have no interest in you. Ever.

But luckily, women's testing has a weakness. Because they are using a system (even though they don't know it), that system is predictable and can be overcome in a predictable way by any man who understands the "Bad Boy" secrets of being a Hard to Get Man.

You see...

You have to be able to reward and punish women when they are testing you... or you will always be alone.

"How to be the Bad Boy Women Love: Getting The Women You Desire To Pursue You by Being Hard to Get," you'll discover:

- the 4 levels of rewarding women, when to use each one.

- 10 things you can say to reward a woman without seeming weak or supplicating . . . and exactly when to say them.

- The most important times to never reward a woman. You probably make these mistakes now, and they literally end the seduction, every time.

- The 3 levels of punishing a woman,
and when to use each one. Most of the time, it only takes a very small "punishment" that even the shyest man can learn to do, to get women back "in line" with you-- and we'll show you exactly how to do it.

- 6 specific things you can say to punish a woman while making yourself appear more valuable and desirable at the same time.

- How to alternate rewards and punishments to keep her working for your approval.

If you don't punish a woman when she's testing you, you will lose the woman every time.

But the good news is,
if you use simple punishments and rewards properly, any man draw her to you, even if you are not "her type." 

It's really quite simple, once you know how... and 
"How to be the Bad Boy Women Love" shows you exactly how to do it.

Know What "Disconnector" to use,
Every Time

By now you know that if you want to seduce a hot woman, you must create "disconnections" that the she has to get past in order to get to you. This is the essential secret of being a Hard to Get Man.

The problem is, you have to do it properly. Plenty of men disconnect with women, but they do it by either getting mad and calling the woman a bitch (which ends the interaction forever) or by giving up and leaving (which also ends the interaction forever).

The fact is...

You have to know how to create disconnections
that don't simply create distance, but also make you
appear more valuable in her eyes, thus causing her
to pursue you.

"How to be the Bad Boy Women Love: Getting The Women You Desire To Pursue You by Being Hard to Get" will show you:

- How to use body language to with a woman to create a distance that she'll want to cross to interact with you.

- 7 exact, word-for-word things you can say to put time-pressure on a woman to get to know you... while simultaneously taking the pressure off of you.

- 7 simple "clarifying questions" that put a woman slightly "on the defensive" and make her explain herself to you.
Have you ever felt like you've ended up "explaining yourself" to a woman? You'll never feel that way again once you know these easy-to-ask questions.

- 15 "stealth" disconnector questions that make her "do the work" by making you appear more distant and unattainable -- thus making you something that she feels she has to have.

- 10 playful and silly disconnectors any man can say to make himself exciting and challenging.

- 5 easy, fun, and time-tested ways to act silly and playful with a hot woman -- without risking looking like a fool.

- The "wacko dozen" questions: These 12 "out there" questions loosen up a woman's inhibitions and make her open up surprisingly fast.

- 12 Shocking surprising questions you can ask that "jump levels" in the interaction and short-cut the time it takes to seduce a woman (Note: This works especially well in bars!).

- 11 things you can say to tease a woman seductively.

- How to cement a woman's connection to you by giving her a "Challenging Nickname"... along with 14 challenging nicknames you can use.

You'll find seducing women is a lot more fun once you know the right "disconnector" for every situation!

Stop Trying So Hard and Let Women Reveal to You Exactly How to Seduce Them

Here's something weird: Men go crazy trying to find the perfect way to disconnect seductively with women.

But 99% of the time, the woman herself is giving them all the clues they need to disconnect in a way that is totally compelling and seductive to her.

You see, when you know how to read a woman, you'll see that the answer to her bitchy behavior is staring you right in the face.

Put another way: Have you ever been treated shabbily by a woman you were trying to seduce? Has she ever been moody, rude, angry, or difficult?

(Hint: The answer is, "Of course.")

You've probably wondered what to do when a woman does those things. And you've probably ended up just taking her bad behavior, or ignoring it, or making it into a joke and laughing it off.

And you certainly haven't gotten laid for your efforts.

Well, it turns out that you can use these bad female behaviors as sources for perfect disconnections, that she can't deny because they are true. You can turn the tables on her and her bad behavior, once you know how to properly use "Truth Disconnectors."

"How to be the Bad Boy Women Love: Getting The Women You Desire To Pursue You by Being Hard to Get," you'll discover:

- 15 "Truth Disconnectors" that turn the power of her own behavior against her, and practically force her to open up to you.

- 12 things to say to make her the "butt" of your jokes. Hot women are used to being treated like royalty, and are used to having men act like supplicating puppy-dogs around them. When you make the woman the butt of a joke, you use this bad boy secret to capture her interest and set yourself apart from other men. (You won't always need this, but when you do, it'll be the perfect thing to know how to do!)

- How to find and use her insecurities and sensitive topics. If you are like most men, you are having to face your insecurities every time you approach a woman you desire. Meanwhile, her sense of security goes up because when you approach her it puts her in the position to accept or reject you.

When you know how to find and use a woman's insecurities and sensitive topics, you "level the playing field" (or even tilt it your direction!).

- 16 things you can say to intrigue a woman by quickly and easily "Bringing her down to size."

- 11 things you can say make the interaction more sexual -- but in a playful way that shows that she'll have to "put out" for your attention.

- 14 bar-tested things you can say to appear to disqualify her from your interest -- while leaving the door open that she might be able to "talk you into it."

- 11 questions that make her work for your approval by challenging her intelligence, security, or beauty.

Here's another email I recently got about this revolutionary system...

Hey Ron, Michael from Alabama here...

I spent the whole weekend going over your "Bad Boy/Hard to Get" material. It really made me think. And wait'll you hear what happened!

This morning at work I ran into a very attractive girl at the copier machine who has been working here for almost 2 months. In that 2 month period I may have said 10 words to her.

Well, today I engaged her in conversation. I tried to just flow and, more important, to use Disconnectors... and to prevent myself from going into great length or depth about any one subject we talked about.

The conversation was really all over the map, like you say it should be, but lasted less than 5 minutes.
Ten minutes later, I get this unexpected email from her. She said:

"OK, I am blushing now. Ha,ha!  I am claustrophobic.  I don't like being in a closed in space or somewhere I can't get out of it. (Ex.traffic)  If you are interested in meeting for dinner after work sometime, let me know.  I enjoy talking with you.  Maybe you could teach me how to play Rook.    See ya, [her name]"

I sat at my desk contemplating things for a moment... kind of in shock... not sure what to do. I decided to be "Hard to Get" by not responding right away. I just let it be.

She then came by my office at lunch (I had still not responded to her email), and invited me to eat lunch with her in her office. At the end of lunch she handed me her number and asked me to call her.

But that's not all that happened...

About 30 minutes ago a copier saleswoman came by to see me. Here again, I engage her in the same Hard to Get, Disconnecting manner as I did the one I ate lunch with.

Out of the blue she told me she is single, what her favorite bar/lounge is, and gave me her cell number. She told me she wants to take me out for drinks Friday.

I'm just kind of beside myself. Its like I felt a tangible shift in each woman's mood during the conversations. Because I was using the "Hard to Get" method, I wasn't trying to compliment these women, or ask for their numbers... I wasn't "trying to connect." It's hard to describe, but it works!

Because I could do Disconnections and be "Hard to Get," I got numbers and got ASKED OUT... and both of these women are attractive mid 20's (I'm in my late 40s), probably between 7 and 8 on a 1-10 scale.

I am just amazed ... You know, logically reasoning things out... but nothing compares to the feeling of actually doing it.

I feel like I have dipped my toe into the waters of a new ocean and just wanted to share.

Take care guys, and thank you,

- Michael Camp

Seduce Even the Most In-Demand, Conceited Women Using Heavy Disconnectors

Most really hot women are very sweet on the inside, but most are really stuck-up on conceited when you first meet them.

After all, a really hot woman has had men groveling at her feet for as long as she can remember... so, in a way, it's really not her fault that she's become difficult. It's how she's learned to defend herself.

But it is your job, as the man, to do what it takes to discover how to be able to get past the stuck-up-ness she's developed.

No matter what a great guy you are, she's not going to do it for you. You must be able to get through her "outer shell" of bad behavior or you'll never get the sweetness inside of her.

And if you aren't man enough to get past that "outer shell," she has no reason to be interested in you. Ever.

Fortunately "How to be the Bad Boy Women Love: Getting The Women You Desire To Pursue You by Being Hard to Get" shows you exactly what to do.

You see, you must be able to use "Heavy Disconnectors" when you need to... or that superhot woman will never, ever go home with you.

Here's more of what you'll discover to easily become a "Hard to Get" Man:

- The exact, step-by-step, word-for-word process of busting through a woman's "bitch shield." This one technique alone took me and my co-author years of testing to perfect-- and is worth 100 times the cost of this program in the lifetime of great sex this one technique can get you!

- The 5 types of "Heavy Disconnectors,"
and when to use them.

- 42 easy-to-remember, targeted "Heavy Disconnectors" that take her off her "high horse" while simultaneously making you into a man she wants to please.

- The 2 -- and ONLY 2 -- thoughts you need to have when you are seducing a woman. Even if you've studied seduction, you've probably felt so overwhelmed when you've actually talked to a hot woman that you've forgotten everything you knew, and became a babbling idiot. Well, you can relax-- I'll tell you the 2-- and only 2-- thoughts you need to move any seduction forward.

- The exact, idiot-proof 7-step process for approaching a woman in a bar and making her pursue you by being hard to get. I'll tell you exactly what lines to memorize, and exactly what to say each step of the way. (Note: This technique works even better if she's being bitchy!)

- How to stay in control by "containing" an angry woman's behavior. Most men either run away from an angry woman or try to "fix" the situation by diffusing any conflict. You'll find out exactly how to "contain" a conflict so the woman feels off-center, but you are just fine... and even able to use that confllict to move the seduction forward.

- The key that makes it easier to have sex with a woman you meet in a bar tonight than to follow up with her later.

- The power of "conditional compliments." The big problem with complimenting a woman is that it can put her in a "one-up" position, thus making you seem "beneath" her. You'll find out exactly how to say something nice about her, but with a built-in qualification she has to live up to by staying on "good behavior."

How to "turn the tables" on her and make her work to give you a compliment. Most men want hot women to compliment them-- but that's a trap that puts her in the driver's seat and ends up pushing her away. How to avoid that trap every time by making her work to compliment you.

- The one question you must ask a younger woman -- and what you must say to her answer-- to make yourself a valuable commodity to her that she wants to pursue.

- How to be more exciting, interesting, and unpredictable by "changing direction" in a conversation with a woman.

- The simple way to get her to make shocking confessions about her most outrageous behaviors-- even if you've just met her-- and to get her in the mood to do those things with you.

- The exact, 6 step, step-by-step process of being a Hard to Get Man in a daytime approaches on the street, in stores, or anywhere else. We include the specific things you must memorize and learn to say at each step of the process, so you'll never be confused.

- How to hook a woman's interest by saying something challenging, along with 4 easy-to-memorize opening challenges for any situation.

- How to be a hard to get man during small talk and "fluff talk."

More Success Stories From
Men Just Like You

Warning: The next 2 emails are explicit: The next 2 emails are from buyers of the "How to be the Bad Boy Women Love" program who got intensely sexual results, really quickly. They are:

1) Brandon, who I told you about earlier, used the "Hard to Get" techniques to get a "Perfect 10" (who was much younger than him) to beg him for sex -- on the first night they met, and

2) Evan, who got a really hot, self-absorbed woman to work hard to please him sexually by using a "Hard to Get" Disconnector.

If you don't want to read something explicit, you'll want to skip this next 2 emails. Otherwise, keep reading to learn how men like you use "Hard to Get" techniques to sucessfully seduce the hottest of women.

First, here's the entire email I got from Brandon, where he reveals, step-by-step, how he used the "Bad Boy" secrets of being a Hard to Get man to get a "Perfect 10" to seduce him:

Hey Ron,

I just wanted to say thanks. I bought "How to be the Bad Boy Women Love," and the very next night I made it work for me in a bar -- with a girl who is a perfect '10.'

She was small, about 5"1' and no more than 105 pounds. She had the body of a gymnast, because (as I found out later) she is one-- as well as a cheerleader for our major University, as well a model and TV actor. 

So I used your "Hard to Get" techniques on her.

I didn’t ask her any personal questions, but kept the conversation flirty and playful, as you teach. When she started to probe me, I dodged the questions in a fun way and stayed 'Hard to Get" and mysterious.

When she started playing games, I used "truth disconnects" to call her on them.

Basically, I gave her shit for an hour in a way that kept her laughing, trying to please ME, and got her wet.  

Now, I’m 32 and she’s 22 (and did I mention she’s smoking hot?). Normally after talking to a girl for this long, I would have asked her where she lived, if she wanted to go somewhere, or a thousand other obvious and unattractive things. 

Instead, I remembered something I read in your program and used it to perfection. 

I sunk my head and started shaking it a little while, right in the heat of the moment and the middle of her story.

I looked away and got very quiet to the point where she stopped what she was saying and started feeling uncomfortable. 

I let the silence work for me, then looked her right in the eye and said:

'Listen, I have to be honest with you. You are a really nice girl and I am really having fun talking to you, and I think we have a really unique and exciting chemistry. It’s just that I’m thinking you are probably a little young for me…' I paused. I said, 'I need someone with a little more experience.'

Most guys wouldn’t see the beauty of your technique. They would say, 'What?! You finally get the chance to be with a girl that hot, and you just say something stupid like that?' 

But her answer showed the beauty of it: She said, 'No, not at all. My last boyfriend was 30, and that’s not much difference between him and you. Also, I’m really mature for my age, most of my friends are older, I don’t like people my age...'  Need I say more?

After that, all I had to do was keep letting her seduce me, little by little.

She 'talked me into' going to her place, and 'talked me into' doing a full body massage on her after I teased her about it. 

Finally she laid naked on the bed, moaning and begging me to have sex with her. I slowly and erotically massaged every inch of her body for about 30 minutes. The whole time she was moaning and crawling around, trying to push herself into me so that I would 'seal the deal.'  

And, finally, I 'gave in' and had sex with her-- with this incredible, smoking-hot girl. And the best part was, by being 'Hard to Get" I got HER to seduce ME into doing it.

I got the hot sex that I deserve by allowing myself to be the quality and deserving guy I am, instead of an obvious and desperate cliché. It was a great night of sex with a beautiful women. 

Thanks for helping me to dump the bullshit that women (and men!) have been putting in my head for way too long. Everything else will come naturally from here on. But I’ll keep reading and studying your book because, as with any skill, it has to become a way of life. 

Thanks again,

- Brandon
And second, here's what Evan wrote us after he learned the "Bad Boy" techniques:

Hey! I wanted to tell you about a Disconnection I did via [cell phone] text message that really made a huge difference!

I've been seeing a pretty hot girl for a few weeks, and had slept together only a few times.

Like many hot girls, she is really into how amazing she is. And most guys do nothing but agree with her about that.

A girl this hot, I knew she'd get bored with me if I didn't shake things up, and keep them alive and moving.

So I did a Disconnector, just like you guys teach in your system.

I texted her and said, "You give a good blow job, but with a little practice I think you could give a great blow job."

I am completely sure that no man had ever said anything like that to her before.

She texted back, "What do you mean, I need practice?"

I knew I'd struck a nerve with her, and that things would be different when I saw her again... And I was right.

The next time I saw her, she gave me the best blow job of my life! I mean, she really put effort into it.

And it's completely because I did a Disconnector with her. If I had simply complimented the blow job she gave me before, I'm sure she wouldn't even have tried!

That's for an amazing system! It truly is revolutionary!

- Evan

These are men like you. The only difference is that they now have the "Bad Boy Power" of being a "Hard to Get" man... So women now pursue them.

Isn't that a power you are ready to have for yourself?

Seven Advantages of  My New
"How To Be the Bad Boy Women Love by Being Hard To Get" System

1) This is the exact system David and I have been working on non-stop for the last 2 years, and the result of our more than 10 years of helping men get the women they want. It's the most direct and "cut-to-the-chase" seduction system ever developed.

2) The "Being A Hard to Get Man" system works on all sorts of women. Every woman-- not just the superhot ones-- needs a man who can both connect and disconnect with her. If there's any woman you are interested in, at any level, these techniques will make her more interested in you.

3) The "Being A Hard to Get Man" system works for all sorts of men. Knowing how to disconnect seductively with women works for all sorts of men -- You don't have to be a jerk, or mean to women, or hateful, or abusive in any way... Because it's based on psychology, it works as well for a gentle, shy man as it does for a guy with a motorcycle and tattoos!

4) The "Being A Hard to Get Man" system takes out all the guesswork. I don't give you vague guesses that might possibly work. This is a highly focused action plan that basically says, say this, do that, and say the other. You do not get lost in a sea of complexity or get confused with what to do next. It's all spelled out for you. Nice and simple.

5) The "Being A Hard to Get Man" program is proven. David and I have been coaching men for 10 years, and have written the best-selling book on the topic. We have a proven track-record of creating seduction systems that work for normal, average men. This one is our most effective one yet.  

6) The "Being A Hard to Get Man" program is guaranteed. I am so certain of this downloadable program that if you don't like it, I insist on buying it back from you. You've got a full 90 days to try out the program for yourself. 

7) The "Being A Hard to Get Man" program is a system. It's a coherent step-by-step series of actions you take that have, again and again, gotten my students the women they desire.

Here's What You Get When You Grab Your Program Right Now

You get. . .

The 149-page instantly-downloadable ebook, "How to be the Bad Boy Women Love: Getting The Women You Desire To Pursue You by Being Hard to Get." 

This resource has everything that we've told you about on this page... and a lot more we haven't had the time to tell you about.  

Before you know it you'll be using the "Bad Boy" Hard to Get techniques, even if you are a "nice guy"... and enjoying the power of having the women you desire finally pursue you.


Because I want you to have everything you need, David and I are  including these special bonuses:

Special Bonus #1: "How to Have Seductive Conflict with a Woman." Did you know that it's actually a shorter jump for a woman to go from "Angry to being turned on" than it is for her to go from "No Feelings to being turned on"?

It's true. 

That's why "Bad Boys" aren't afraid of conflict with women. They know how to do it seductively, so that the women aroused by his power and masculinity, while at the same time not being scared that he's a violent nut-case, or bored by his being a total wimp.

"Seductive Conflict" is one of the "Bad Boy's" biggest secret weapons with hot women. And now we are revealing, for the first time ever, the step-by-step sequence you must know to have seductive conflict with women. 

"How to have seductive conflict with women" is only available with the "How to Be the Bad Boy Women Love" program.


Special Bonus #2: "Packaging Yourself to Intrigue a Hot Woman." Being able to tell interesting, compelling storys and "taglines" about your life is an essential part of seducing women. But, until now, nobody's shown you how to do it. 

This downloadable book takes you by the hand and walks you, step-by-step, through figuring out the most intriguing ways to describe who you are, what you are into, and what you do. You'll be able to answer the question "What do you do?" in a way that interests women and gets them fired up to find out more about you -- even if what you do seems "boring" to most of the people you've ever told about it!

Warning: Quite honestly, we are having some conflict about whether or not to give out this bonus. David wants to share it, but I think we are giving away too much extra great stuff by giving this away, too. After all, it is the core "blueprint" of an entire seminar that we are creating that will cost over $1,000.00 to attend live!

So be aware: We may decide to remove this bonus at any time.  If you return to this page and the bonus is gone, then we are sorry... you missed out.  

Special Bonus #3: Ron Louis and David Copeland's "Playboy Japan" Interview.

When our book, "How to Succeed with Women" was published in Japan, the Japanese Edition of Playboy asked us for an interview.

In this special bonus, we are releasing the content of that interview for the first time ever.

In it David and I answer questions like:

- Is a Master Seducer made, or born?

- What's the most effective way to get a woman to think of you romantically when you first speak to her?

- How can you get your date to look up to you?

- How long should you wait between the first and second date?

- What signs show a woman is ready to go to bed with you?

- What's the fastest way to "go all the way" after that first kiss?

- What's the quickest and easiet way to improve your personal style?

Plus you'll discover:
- The six tests you must run on a woman before the first kiss.
- The seven flirting moves you must know.
- The 3 parts of a romantic question, plus 6 romantic questions you can use.

Extra-Special Bonus #4: The "Hard to Get Teleseminar Power-up Audio MP3."

By now you know that we are really committed to making this program work for you. 

But there's one more thing we want to add to make completely sure the program works for you: The "Hard to Get Teleseminar Power-Up Audio."

Here's some of what we reveal in this exclusive recording of a call we did ONLY for men who got the "How to Be the Bad Boy Women Love" program:

- How to use "Hard to Get" actions to turn a female friend into a lover.

- Exactly how much you should focus on Differences with a woman, and how much you should focus on Similarities.

- How to use Disconnectors in a dating or long-term relationship.

- How to use Disconnectors in Instant Message and Email conversations.

- How to use being Hard to Get to handle "Attention Drain," when a woman starts withdrawing more and more with each interaction...

PLUS we let out some Secrets of Teasing that we've never shared before.

You'll leave this 70-minute audio knowing how much to tease a woman at each stage of the interaction, from first meeting to getting into bed... And how to use teasing to push the interaction from one level to the next!

Here's what men have said about this bonus audio:

Hey thanks for the Power Up, it was fun and interesting. I used the "I don't like to rush things" idea [that we disclosed on the audio] on my date that very night.  It worked beautifully!"   
 - Aloha, Capt. Eric

Hi Ron and David,
I'm glad I decided to get the ebook, and I really enjoyed the Power Up. The power of disconnecting is golden. I came across your first book before and it's been so inspirational. Your new ebook was even better. Rock on!
 - Jesse

Hey Guys,
Thanks for the call.  I really liked the idea of starting the seduction by telling your date that you don't want to rush things physically [as we talked about on the call], and that doing that actually accelerates things! It's one of those counter-intuitive things that I would never have considered.  Anyhow, I'm looking forward to hearing and reading more from you guys! Great stuff!
- Richard

I was on the call and thought it was great. I was laughing my ass off a couple of times as I was nodding my head, thinking in my mind, "they're absolutely right!" Thanks guys!
- Evan

Thanks for the Power Up, it was great and really gave me a new take on the material in the book. I'm looking forward to more stuff from you guys.

Just listening to Ron is beneficial... I have great looks, great grooming habits, cool, popular guy friends, a great, thoughtful mind. I can easily connect with hot women -- and I do; but I totally lack the bad boy qualities that actually seal the deal with them. As you guys have said in your books, just to be around master seducers is beneficial itself. 
 - Ryan

We could easily sell the secrets on this recording for $37 or more, but (at least for now) you'll get the Power Up recording when you grab your copy of the "How to Be the Bad Boy Women Love" program.
Although the plan is to sell this course for $97.00 in the near future, we've decided to put our "introductory price" down to just $47.

Here's an email we got within 3 days of releasing this new program:

Hi Ron and David,

Being a "Hard to Get" man, or the disconnecting approach, is really a REVOLUTION. It was even shocking to me; in fact, I didn't slept well at that night!

I am a Japanese guy in Tokyo. (So, in the following, keep in mind that English is a second language for me.) Since the e-book has a lot of phrases to memorize, my first job was to TRANSLATE some phrases into Japanese. This was time consuming, YET it was WORTH it.

I took a just-do-it approach within 24 hours. The following is JUST AN example in my REAL life.

Recently I met a pretty girl. I showed romantic interests by complimenting her and had deepening conversations. I've got her e-mail address and phone number.

The other day I asked her out for a coffee date. She said she was busy. Then, I decided to start deepening conversations by e-mail. But she totally blew me off and didn't respond. (As you know, this kind of rejection often happens.)

I thought it was time to use a disconnector.

I sent her an e-mail saying, "I thought you were smart and interesting, but you are really mean. My mistake."

The result: she apologized to me -- even though it turned out she was actually busy -- and said, "Please send me an email, if you could, at ANYTIME YOU WANT."

I was just shocked. This is an important victory because usually I don't use this kind of disconnecting approach at a situation like that.

The bottom line is, I confirmed that disconnecting with women DOES WORK. Now, I slowly started using disconnectors on a daily basis and keeping track of them.

Again, this is literally a REVOLUTION. At first, this approach was scary, but it turned out disconnecting is less frustrating and makes me feel more powerful than ever.

I keep going. I also asked a wacko question in a bar. It did work!

Thank you for the new program. And keep encouraging me!


Tappei, from Tokyo, Japan

Try it now with our Ironclad Money-Back Guarantee

I am willing to guarantee your success. In fact, I want to put the "How to be the Bad Boy Women Love: Getting The Women You Desire To Pursue You by Being Hard to Get" into your hands now and I am willing to do so with no risk to you.

I'm confident that once you start being a Hard to Get Man with women, you'll be so amazed you wouldn't part with this for any money. So I'm giving you a full 90 days to try it out... and if, for some reason, you don't like it, I'll give you a full refund. No hassles, no problems.

There is absolutely no risk on your part. The burden to deliver is entirely on me. If you don't start getting what you want with women right away then I am the loser, not you. 

Just click the link below to get started being the Hard to Get man that women pursue!

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To Your Success,


P.S. By now your intuition is probably telling you that I know what I am talking about, and that this program is exactly what you need to finally get "in control" with the women you desire. 

I've done everything we can to explain the program as clearly as possible. I've added great bonuses to help you take action right now. 

And the program itself is crystal-clear to use. David and I have figured out all the details and done the work for you.

Now the next step is up to you.

Let's say you don't try out this resource. 

What will things be like the next time a woman is mean or rude to you?

Be honest.

Will you know what to say and do to keep your self-respect, put her in her place, and make yourself more interesting to her?

Or will you try to be "nice," or "laugh it off," or, even worse... just slink away?

If you don't get this today, what will things be like the next time you see a hot, in-demand woman, and want to have her for yourself?

Will you be able to do it? Will you be able to be that guy she "breaks all her own rules" for? Or will you just be another hopeful loser, trying to connect with her (even though you now know that will never work)?

Or worse, will you never even approach her at all?

Look, I have a long track-record helping men. If it seems like I am pushing, it's because I've seen men change dramatically using these techniques. I hear from them almost every day. And I want you to have the important, time-limited bonuses that you might otherwise not get.

And I'm serious about that guarantee. Try it out, and if for some reason it's not worth it to you, you've got 90 days to return it. 

Soon you'll be saying what this man wrote us:

"I just started reading 'How to Be the Bad Boy Women Love,' and man oh man is it incredible! I am just flying through it, it’s that great! This couldn’t have come along at a better time -- it is exactly what I need to be learning at this point in my seductions!!!" -S.

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