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The Mastery Program

Day 2

Facing the Harsh Realities

This day is about the harsh realities of becoming successful with women. You can't change the harsh terrain, you can only adapt. Much of the trouble men experience with women is from resisting the harsh realities, rather than learning to live--and even thrive--with them.

We want you to be able to see this harsh stuff coming, recognize it when it arrives, and know what to do.

Topics that are covered in Day 2:

  • Frustration will try to stop you.
  • When you deal with women there will be frustration, and you must learn to handle it.
  • Learn to handle unfairness and frustration.
  • If you are used to figuring it all out and having things instantly work, you have a problem, because that won't work with women, and will drive them away. You must get used to frustration or you'll never get women.
  • If you are used to throwing a tantrum when things are frustrating and having people "hop to," you'll have to let that go, because it won't work with women.
  • Along with frustration, perfectionism will get in the way of getting women.
  • Perfectionism will stop you from taking action. If everything has to be perfect before you will take action to pursue women, you will never pursue women, or do it so slowly as to be essentially ineffective.
  • You must take the approach of "ready, fire, aim." Do the homework, take action, and learn from your mistakes.
The "Problem"

Every guy has a problem, and he thinks his problem is the worst in the world. You'll think your problem is special, and knocks you out of being able to pursue women. Thinking this is normal.

Possible problems:
  • You're too old
  • You're divorced
  • You have kids
  • You live in New York City
  • You live in a small town
  • You want kinky sex
...all these problems are normal. The program will help you deal with them.

The Numbers Game

Dating is frustrating because, statistically, the next thing you do with a woman will probably fail. That's why you have to have a lot of different approaches and try a lot of stuff. You need to be like Han Solo: "Never tell me the odds!" The odds stop mattering when you have enough women in your system. If you keep your numbers high enough, odds don't matter. That's the purpose of prong one of the program, "Learning to get lots of women in front of you, so you have a lot of women to work with."


Don't be surprised when your dating goes through phases, or waves. For instance you may go through a phase of women never calling back, then a phase of women calling a lot, a phase of being rejected by everyone, a phase of having success with lots of women in a row, every women you meet being blonde, or a teacher, and so on. The good news is, phases can work in your favor; sometimes you'll be on a wave of great successes that you can ride. The point is, you shouldn't be surprised that dating comes in phases, or waves.

Other topics covered in day 2 of the audio program:
  • You may get angry or depressed during this process.
  • You may get angry at women.
  • You may get angry at us.
  • You may get angry at yourself.
  • You may get resigned that your situation is SOOO bad that nothing could ever work.
  • Everything has a cost.
  • How taking action has a cost.
  • How not taking action has a cost.
  • Homework to help you handle the harsh realities.

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