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The Mastery Program

Day 3

Introduction to the Fundamentals & Fundamental 1: Structures

Topics covered in Day 3:

The 8 Fundamentals of Being a Level 4 Seducer

These are the fundamentals, this is the shortcut. If you are not successful with women, it's because you are not practicing one or more of the following fundamentals.
  1. Structures and Record Keeping
  2. Initiate everything/Be able to interrupt women
  3. Handle "failure," ie, rejection
  4. Handle "success." Celebrating your victories and rewarding yourself
  5. Pursue "Niches"
  6. Going after what you want: Show your romantic interest right away
  7. Follow up leads. Don't have a "one and only hope." Do well with what you are given
  8. Be building a life you love, separate from women. Being responsible for your life
Fundamental 1: Have Structures

Why have structures?

"Structures and record keeping" takes the project of meeting and seducing women out of your head, and into the real world. While you will tend to forget about a project that you are only managing in your own head, once a project is written down and tracked on paper it is much easier to keep it alive. It's critical your "get girls" project have physical reality. That's why you keep track of your activities, and listen to the CDs on a regular basis. Having some structure external to yourself--like listening to a CD every day, or writing down what you are going to do, or having a buddy to work with--is what makes a project successful. Those actions make the plan real.

How you will use structures throughout the program:
  • keeping track of women, and where they are in the "seduction spectrum."
  • keeping track of your strengths and successes, so you can celebrate them.
  • keeping track of your weaknesses and rejections, so you can improve them.
You'll put stuff on your schedule to keep the project alive.

You'll also keep track of numbers of interactions with women. You must keep track of numbers to know how you are really doing.

Other topics covered in day three of the audio program:
  • Having a buddy or other support is structure
  • Make promises to friends
  • Figuring out your specific goals. Goals help structure your approach.
  • Short and long-term goals
  • How structures help you boil down big goals to smaller ones you can complete today.
  • How to plan out each week.
  • What is a "display?"
  • "Tracking forms" are also provided on this day.
  • How structures make it possible for you to create an "Action Plan."
  • How to create an "Action Plan"
  • Forms for creating your "Action Plan"
  • Using goals, dates, and numbers to motivate you.
  • Specific homework for this day.

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