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The Mastery Program

Day 4

Fundamental 2: Interruption/Initiate Everything with Women

Day 4 of the Mastery Program is about the importance of initiating everything with women. Another way to say this is that you must learn to become comfortable interrupting women. This doesn't mean being rude and obnoxious, but you must become able to interrupt her "flow" and redirect her attention to you.

This is a good skill to have as a man. You need it to not only succeed with women, but in your life as well.

What you learn from interrupting/initiating everything with women:
  • You see that life with women is a numbers game. Some women are interested, some are not.
  • You get used to receiving a variety of responses from women.
  • You get to learn that when you initiate with women, you don't harm them.
  • It starts getting you rejected, which is good because it helps to desensitize you and start to deal with rejection.
  • It's about the kind of man you want to be. You get to be "The Man."
  • You become the kind of man who is generative with women.
  • It shows you how resilient women are. If she is going to have a problem with you for saying hi, for instance, she will have a problem with anything.
  • You realize that you are not so powerful that you can radically hurt or annoy someone by saying initiating contact.
Opportunities for the shy:

What is an opportunity?

  • How you can go from seeing no opportunities with women to seeing opportunities, to taking opportunities, to creating opportunities with women.
Here's how to start seeing and taking opportunities with women:
  1. You think there are no women.
  2. You notice opportunities you are missing and have missed. This is an essential step in taking opportunities.
  3. You start noticing missed opportunities without shame, or feeling guilty or bad. Most guys beat themselves up when they are too shy to take opportunities or when they are too scared to take opportunities with women. It's important you learn to see opportunities and not take them, and not feel bad about it, as a way of building up to taking opportunities with women.

    If you can just notice opportunities with women without feeling bad, it will be a lot easier to start taking them later in the program.

  4. Naturally you will then start taking opportunities.
How to "slow down reality"

Opportunities, like financial opportunities, are everywhere when you learn to slow down reality and see them. To the novice money is a scarce commodity. But to an expert money is everywhere waiting to be made. The same is true of women. This happens when you slow down reality. Noticing opportunities without taking them helps slow reality down.

Other topics covered in day four of the audio program:
  • Why you must interrupt women.
  • Specific homework and tracking forms are provided, as well.

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