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The Mastery Program

Day 6

Fundamental #3: Make Rejection Your Friend

Fundamental 3 is about handling the inevitable--if you are going to pursue women, not all of them are going to be happy and responsive when you interact with them. You will experience some rejection, and if you are not, then you aren't approaching enough women.
  • You will be rejected when talking to a woman, saying hi, asking her out, going for the first kiss, having sex, asking for a commitment, etc. You are going to have to deal with rejection for a long time, so you may as well get to the point where it doesn't bother you. Successful seducers train themselves to handle rejection. So must you.
When a woman doesn't give you the response you desire, you have to be able to handle it, and the way you do that is by following the three-step process:

The 3-Step Process of dealing with rejection
  1. Remember that dating is a numbers game. You will probably have to hear a certain number of "no's" before you'll get a "yes," so this is one more "no" you won't have to hear again on your way to the inevitable "yes" from someone else.

  2. Change your interpretation of why she rejected you from something that has to do with you to something that has to do with her, or with life. "I guess she didn't hear me." "Looks like she's wrapped up in her own world." "Perhaps her dog just died." Remember, just because an explanation is painful doesn't mean you have to believe it. Find an explanation that is not painful for you, and practice believing that.

  3. Re-direct your attention to something else. Don't dwell in the rejection--find something else--anything else--and let yourself get absorbed into it.
We suggest you write this process down until you get good at it.

Other things covered in day 6 of the audio program
  • How "losers" deal with rejection: Dwell in it, feel like crap and beat up on themselves

  • How some men try to be "Good guys" by beating themselves up when they are rejected.

  • The possibility that you don't know what women are thinking when they reject you.

  • Written forms to do the rejection process on.

  • Using percentages and probabilities with women.

  • How to get the rejection process to become natural and automatic.

  • Specific homework for the day.

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