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The Mastery Program

Day 10

Personals Ads

At this point in the Mastery Program we stop talking about fundamentals to get you started with personals ads. Remember, there are three prongs to this program: getting you in front of a lot of women, teaching you what to say, and handling any problems that may come up along the way.

To that end, today is about personals ads. Now, these ads are not your "one and only hope" for meeting fact, they will probably be a small part of your overall program. But they are important, as every small part of the program is. By placing personals ads now, you get some women showing up in your system who you will be able to practice on as you learn more of the fundamentals, and start learning about talking to women. This is an important day, so be sure to take action and do the homework!

There are four parts to an effective personals ad:
  1. Describe the feeling you want her to be left with after she reads your ad. This might be something like " Have you ever looked into someone's eyes and wanted the feeling to last all night?" or " Imagine laughing together and sharing moments that are bigger than either of us." Or "Imagine feeling that connection and intimacy you'll remember for the rest of your life." If you get stuck, look at books of love poetry to come up with examples of your own.

  2. Briefly describe yourself physically. "fit, attractive SM, 42" is usually sufficient. If you have any "special features"--that is, if you are tall, or especially athletic--briefly mention them here.

  3. State your emotional availability. We like the phrases "emotionally literate" and "Willing to take risks." You may devise ones you like better.

  4. Make your invitation. This is where you close the deal: "If this touches you, why not contact me?" "If this speaks to you, contact me at..."

Notice how each of these examples have each of the four parts:
  1. Have you ever looked into someone's eyes and wanted the feeling to last all night? Fit, attractive SWM, emotionally literate and willing to take risks, looking for the right pair of eyes. Contact me at...

    A variation that has the same components:

  2. Imagine laughing together and sharing moments that are bigger than either of us. Fit, attractive SBM, 42, professional, emotionally stable and open the new things, looking for the right woman to share life's special moments with.

    Remember, at this stage of the game, you are not important to the woman. What is important is how you make her feel. So you should be describing feelings.
We'll talk about Internet personals ads later.

Other things covered on Day 10 of the CD program:

The bigger context
  • How personals ads tie into the niche conversation

  • Your outcome with personals ads

  • Placing a personals ad now as a "fast start game" for your dating program.

  • Why you must place ads today

  • Results you can expect

  • More tips on placing ads

  • Testing and updating your ads

  • How to screw up your personals ads

  • How to place your message in a voice mail box

  • Tips for online ads

  • Suggestions for places to place your ad

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