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The Mastery Program

Day 12

Fundamental #7: Follow Up Leads, Don't Have a 'One and Only Hope'

Today we discuss the importance of following up leads and not allowing any single woman to become your "one and only hope." Paradoxically, having only one woman in your seduction system is even worse than having no women at all, because you will tend to treat her as your "one and only hope," to idealize her, and to just generally act like such a weirdo when you are around her that you end up scaring her off.

When you are beginning dating, especially a woman you are truly interested in, you must keep your numbers up and keep dating other women, just so you won't put too much significance on the woman you are truly interested in.

Therefore you must follow up your leads. Today is about doing that.

The Seduction Spectrum

In order to follow up leads, you must know who you have in your seduction system, and where each woman is on the "seduction spectrum." The workbook that comes with the CD Mastery Program contains "Seduction Spectrum Tracking Sheets." You need to know what women you have at what level of seduction.

The Stages of the Seduction Spectrum:
  1. Said hi to.

  2. Know her name and have flirted with, and will again.

  3. Got her number and/or email address.

  4. Asked her out for coffee, she said yes.

  5. She shows up for the date.

  6. First kiss or the equivalent.

  7. Asked out for Romance date, she said yes.

  8. She shows up for Romance date.

  9. Something more intensely sexual occurs.

  10. You have sex with her on a regular basis.
Other topics covered in day 12 of the CD program
  • How to tell what part of the seduction spectrum a woman is in

  • How to move from one level to the next

  • Being stopped by the fear that a woman is not interested, and overcoming that fear.

  • Handling the excuses you are likely to come up with for not following up on leads.

  • The "fear of completion" and how to handle it. Some men would rather hang out in uncertainty with a woman rather than risk finding out where they really stand...the dangers of this, and how to overcome it.

  • Creating the free time to follow through.

  • The importance of continuous small actions over time.

  • Rules of pursing more than one woman.

  • Specific homework and reviews of the program so far, making sure everything is in place.

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