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The Mastery Program

Day 14

Clothing and Style

Today's lesson is about clothing, hygiene, and personal style. On the CD we have Joe, a very stylish and intelligent man, come in ad give pointers and principles about having a "look" that attracts women.

Topics covered include:
  • The message you send to women through how you dress, your home, your car, and so on.

  • How some men are afraid of becoming a "slave to fashion," or feel like being fashionable might be "selling out." How to handle these fears.

  • How to get free advice from experts about your specific situation.

  • How much money you can expect to have to spend.

  • Leaving the house ready to meet women.

  • Hygiene.

  • Clothes.

  • Hair.

  • Shoes.

  • Glasses.

  • Breath.

  • Deodorant/after shave/cologne. The power of buying quality cologne, such as Cool Water or Armani. Buying deoderants, after shaves, and colognes from the same company.

  • About how women know these scents by name

  • Fitness; finding a gym or a health program and do it

  • Selecting a hair style

  • Having an up-to-date hair style

  • Tips on finding a hair stylist

  • Where to shop for clothes

  • Should you dress formally or casually? Trendy or conservative?

  • What if you're overweight?

  • What if you are older/younger?

  • What about "your colors"?

  • How to dress for your body type.

  • Specific homework for the day.

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