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The Mastery Program

Day 16

Flirting Skill #1: "What's the Story Behind That?"

Here are the flirting skills you will learn and hear demonstrated over the next few days:

Flirting Skill #1: "What's the Story Behind That?"

Flirting skill #2: Situational Flirting

Flirting skill #3: The Good-bye Introduction

Flirting skill #4: Conducting Romantic Conversations

You'll also learn to connect with women through a conversational process called "Deepening."

These specific approaches will give you plenty of things to say when you are with women. Better still, they'll create interactions that, along with the fundamental flirting moves, will bring out your romantic side and have a good chance of making you potential romantic material for the woman you are talking with. Remember, there are three prongs to the Mastery Program. First, you get a lot of women moving through your seduction system. That's an important thing that working the fundamentals accomplishes. Second, you have to know how to interact with those women in a way that makes you a potential lover in their minds. That's what fundamental number 6, "Show your romantic interest right away" is about, but on it's own that's not enough. You have to be able to sustain a fun, playful, yet deep connection with a woman in order to seduce her. You do this through the flirting skills and through Deepening.

Flirting Skill #1: Asking "what's the story behind that?"

Women put a lot of energy into how they look. When you notice the details it acknowledges them. You can ask "what's the story behind that?" about any special or unusual thing your quarry is wearing or carrying. Examples: "that's really neat bracelet you are wearing. What's the story behind that?" or "That's a really great briefcase. What's the story behind that?" Even if there isn't much of one, it's given you some conversation.

Ask "What's the story behind that?," not "Where did you get that?" "Where did you get that?" limits her, and gets less important data. For instance, "Where did you get that, is it a heirloom?" can lead to "God, I hope not," as a response. Not good. Don't box her in, keep it open by asking simply "What's the story behind that?"

Phases of Seducing a Woman
  1. get yourself mentally ready

  2. Interrupt her, get her attention. As this cycle goes, you interrupt her on a deeper and deeper level. Showing romantic interest, getting the date, going for the first kiss, etc., are all interruptions.

  3. Rapport, romance building. This is where she asks, do I like him?

  4. Romance builds, romantic interest builds.

  5. Physicality starts, along with light sexuality.

  6. heavy sexuality.
The phases cycle over and over again. You are always somewhere in the cycle, usually in the first 4 phases.

Other topics covered in days 16 and 17 of the CD course
  • Acknowledging women by noticing details acknowledges them.

  • Asking "open ended" questions that get women talking, rather than "closed" questions, which shut them down.

  • Developing good vocal skills

  • Moderating speaking speed

  • Handling your presentation when speaking to women

  • Specific homework for the lesson

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