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The Mastery Program

Day 19

Talking to Women: Deepening

"Hi" leads to "what's the story behind that," which leads to Deepening. Deepening is about getting into her world, finding her values and passions about anything in her life, and acknowledging and admiring those passions.

To do this you
  1. ask her questions that have her talking about her passion, or

  2. figure out her passion, and describe it to her, reframing it in a positive way..
Other topics covered during days 19-21 of the CD program
  • Extensive examples of Deepening with women in the studio, complete with "play-by-play" commentary by Ron Louis and David Copeland

  • The "seduction spectrum"

  • Turning anything a woman says into something romantic.

  • Using details when talking to women

  • Asking the "right questions" to get to what is most important to her

  • Setting yourself apart from other men

  • Helping her realize you are seeing something in her no one else sees

  • Phrases to use to show powerful admiration to a woman

  • How to practice Deepening conversations with little risk

  • Specific homework to ease you into using deepening with women

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