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The Mastery Program

Day 22

Using the Internet

Other topics covered in day 22 of the CD program
  • Advantages of using the internet to seduce women

  • Internet traffic is doubling every 100 days

  • There are now more women on the internet than men

  • Using the internet as a method for the shy

  • Why the internet is not your "one and only hope" for meeting women

  • Using the internet to practice seducing women

  • Services to use

  • Finding women through internet chat

  • How to search for women online

  • Internet etiquette

  • Sending poetry

  • Sending photos

  • The importance of having a photo

  • Sending a follow up email after IM chatting with women

  • Search criteria for finding women to seduce via Instant Messaging

  • Record keeping and on-line seduction

  • Common mistakes men make in internet flirting

  • Keeping women interested online

  • How to use poetry to seduce women on-line, and what poetry to use

  • homework to get you started
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