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The Mastery Program

Day 27

How You Resist Women

You think women resist you, but a better truth is you resist women. Your resistance--even though you probably don't notice it when you do it--makes things get "inexplicably" worse between you and her.

Want to be irresistible? Don't resist women.

The fact is, you'd probably rather fight with women and be "right" than be romantic. It's amazing how many men contact us with questions, only to argue with our answers. It's as if they'd rather fight than change their position on any given topic. We are not telling you to betray what you believe in, but when you are faced with a woman, you need to decide what your main purpose is--to be defensive and "right," or to be romantic? You probably can't be both. Choose.

If you want to be romantic, you don't resist anything she says or does. It's important that you never argue with a woman. She'll just dig into her position. So you never ask a woman "Why not?" She'll only tell you why not. You can then tell her she's wrong in her "why not," but she'll only dig into her position even further. If you resist something a woman says or does, you can possibly win an argument with her, but you won't get sex.


When you are not seducing, you should be actively listening. You think you listen, but you probably don't. You probably are waiting for her to be quiet so you can say your piece.

You probably aren't listening if often find you start sentences with the same phrase, such as:
  • "I understand, [followed by MY topic]"

  • "I know, [followed by MY topic]"

  • "Yeah, I will just say this, [followed by MY topic]"
To repeat: Any time you have a pat phrase you respond with, followed by your topic, you are probably not listening.

If a woman doesn't know you are listening, you might as well not be listening. Women need to know you are listening. You get a woman to know you are listening by feeding back what she says, either the gist of her point, or pretty much word-for-word.
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