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The Mastery Program

Day 30

The Romance Date

Things covered in day 30 of the CD program:
  • The 3 stages of a seduction date--Rapport, Romance, Sexuality

  • Basics of the romance date

  • Entering the "woman's world" on a romance date

  • Setting your outcome for the date

  • Re-warming a woman on the romance date

  • Going at her speed while still moving things forward

  • Specifically how to plan a romantic date

  • Using what you've learned about her to customize your romantic date plan

  • The components of a romance date

  • The myths about romance dates

  • Money on a romance date...and how it doesn't replace being romantic

  • Being flexible on the date

  • Planning for success

  • Examples of romance dates

  • How to provide an unusual, exotic experience a woman will remember

  • "Heavy sexuality" on the romance date

  • Condoms

  • Making women feel safe

  • Calling the next day

  • Handling it if a woman changes her mind during sex

  • Specific homework to start putting this new knowledge into use

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