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The Mastery Program

Day 31

Problems and Trouble: Review this CD when You get Stopped

Getting "stopped" happens in every project. It's predictable. This CD is to teach you how to handle it. Listen to this CD on day 31, and review it any time you need a boost during or after going through the program.

When you've gotten stopped, or if things aren't working, you can be sure one or more of the fundamentals is not in place.

Review of the fundamentals
  • Structures: Record keeping

  • Initiation/Interruption: Hi Program

  • Handle rejection: Make rejection your friend

  • Handle success: Celebrate your victories/reward yourself

  • Pursue Niches/do your niche work

  • Go after what you want: Show your romantic interest right away.

  • Follow up leads, don't have a "one and only hope." Do well with what you are given.

  • Be building a life you love, separate from women--this is also being responsible, the war is in your head.
The secret is to take small action. Do some little thing to get to program back in your life! Take an action, no matter how small, to get yourself back into the program!
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