If You Are Shy With Women, You Need "Overcoming the 'Nice Guy' Syndrome: How to Stop Being Shy Without Becoming a Jerk"

Here's what one happy purchaser wrote us:

The Shy Guy series is absolutely, amazingly incredible! After 20 minutes of listening to the first audio, I physically felt years and years of really cruddy beliefs leaving me. I've purchased tons of other products, and they told me exactly what to say to a women and when to say it. Unfortunately, they were all totally useless to me, since my vocal cords became unusable when approaching a women. After just 20 minutes, this series has already shown me why that was!!! incredible work, guys! -- Tony, UK

Shy men have a unique and special set of problems, and people routinely give shy men terrible, unhelpful advice like "Don't be shy" and "Just go talk to her!"

We recently focused our coaching practice on shy men exclusively. Now you can benefit from what we learned in our audio course, "Overcoming the Nice Guy Syndrome: How to Stop Being Shy Without Becoming a Jerk."

And if you order before midnight on July 19th, you'll get some bonuses that aren't available anywhere else.

"Overcoming the Nice Guy
                        Syndrome" CDs

At Last . . . Experts Reveal How Shy Men Should -- and Should Not -- Take Risks With Women in this Exclusive Audio

Shy men make some big, predictable mistakes when they take risks with women -- and we want to free you from those mistakes right now, forever.

In this 10-minute excerpt from "Overcoming the 'Nice Guy' Syndrome," you'll discover how you should take risks with women. . . and achieve the relaxation with attractive women that you've always desired.

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All the "Techniques" In The World Won't Help If You Don't Get At The Core Of Your Shyness...

Very often shy men know exactly what they "should" do with women. They "should" say hi. They "should" ask women out. But for some reason, they can't get themselves to do it. We now understand these reasons, and know how to overcome them--and so can you, with this new audio course.

If you are a shy guy, all the "techniques," "pickup lines," or "motivational visualizations" in the world won't help you. The problem runs deeper than that, and has to be addressed, or you will stay shy. This course addresses the deep reasons you stay shy, and gives you concrete, tested ways to become less shy with women.

Imagine going from feeling guilty, afraid, or ashamed with women to feeling good about showing romantic interest...and having it work for both you and the woman! That's what "Overcoming the 'Nice Guy' Syndrome" is about. 

This course is for you if:
  • You often seem to end up a woman's "friend" when you would rather be lovers,

  • You have an especially difficult time showing sexual interest in a woman,

  • Deep down, you feel like showing romantic or sexual interest in a woman is "using" her in some way, unless you get into a relationship with her,

  • Women feel safe with you, but then go with "jerks," whom you don't want to be like, no matter what the cost,

  • You are especially shy with women and feel guilty when you try to talk with them.

Respect Women and Get Laid

Shy men are usually very respectful of women.

The problem is, they define "respecting women" in such a restrictive way that it seems to them like showing any romantic or sexual interest in a woman would be disrespectful to her.

So they end up "friends" with women, and sexually and romantically frustrated. In this audio course you will learn how to both respect women and be able to show romantic and sexual interest in them.

You'll discover:
  • How you've been respecting women by repressing your own sexuality--why it hasn't work, and what you can do about it.

  • Why women often think that shy men are aloof, snotty, difficult, or uninterested in them--exactly the opposite of how shy men want to appear!

  • How you can be a good guy, respectful to women and still get sex!

Relax with Women And Get Laid

Shy men don't realize it, but they are very tense and controlling with women.

Because they are so scared of being hurt by a woman, or of upsetting a woman, shy men always have to control every outcome in their interactions with them.

This kills any spontaneity in the interaction, and leaves the woman feeling repressed.

When a woman feels like she can't express her true self with you (because you are so controlling), she decides that you will be "just friends," and your chances with her are over.

The result is that these women have to date jerks, as the "jerks" are actually less controlling, less difficult, and more exciting!

You'll find out:
  • Why being "safe" around women doesn't seem respectful to them, is boring to them, and doesn't get you laid--and what you can do about it.

  • A simple, easy, fun way to give up being controlling with women and to be instantly ten times more exciting to them.

  • Why shy men seem unobtainable, controlling, aloof, and difficult to women, even thought they are trying to be just the opposite--and what you can do about it.

  • Why women don't really feel safe with shy men, and what you can do about it.

  • How to have "Character" with women.

  • The seductive power of being authentic.

  • How to let women have their responses to you, without having to control them.

  • Exactly how to be straight, honest, and real with women.

  • How to no longer feel a need to "squelch" yourself, or the need to hide.

  • How to have physical vitality with women.

  • How to have vocal vitality with women.

  • The "four types of men" inside you that attract women, and how to bring them out in yourself.

Have Fun Talking With Women
by Being Curious

Curiosity is a critical part of seducing a woman. When you follow your curiosity with a woman, you take risks, and provide opportunities for her to risk with you. The result is that you become closer with her, and exciting to her.

And the cool thing is, being curious is not the least bit manipulative or scam-oriented.

You'll find out:
  • Simple, easy-to-implement tools which will keep you from ever again having to be "stuck" with nothing to say in a conversation with a woman.

  • How curiosity, playfulness, and sexiness have a relationship. When you repress your curiosity, your playfulness and sexiness get repressed, too. When you allow yourself to be curious with a woman, your playfulness and sexiness come alive, too.

  • How to easily and quickly figure out what questions to ask a woman.

  • How to ask the two kinds of curiosity-questions.

  • How to have life-interests which make you interesting to women.

  • The difference between being curious with women and complimenting women.

If You Are Shy, It's Easier To Change Than You Think

  • Being able to both respect women, and let them know about your sexual interest in them...

  • Knowing that your intentions with women are good, even if you are only interested in short-term sex...

  • Being able to provide both safety and risks for women...

  • Not having to control outcomes with women...

  • Not being stopped by fear or rejection...

  • Being curious about women and life, and letting that guide you.

Imagine being a nice guy who is interesting and exciting to women, and who is able to get sex and relationships with them.

Important Bonuses to Help Ensure Your Success

"Overcoming the Nice Guy Syndrome" is a great course -- don't get us wrong. But David and I realized that we could add a few important bonuses that would "turbo-charge" the power of the entire course...

Important bonus number 1: A "Cheat Sheet" ebook to help you overcome fear of rejection.

While "Overcoming the Nice Guy Syndrome" digs deep to the roots of your fear of rejection with women, we're also including a special ebook, called "Rejecting Rejection," that is not available anywhere else.

The "Rejecting Rejection" ebook covers...
  • Breaking the habit of fear: The "5 big questions" you must know to get past fear and take action.

  • The step-by-step "Louis and Copeland Conquering Rejection Process." This is the exact same process David and I used to overcome rejection fear years ago, and that we've taught to thousands of men since then.

  • How to let your frustration push you into the dating game, not out of it.

  • Getting past your "comfort zone" to take action.

  • How to get past waiting for the "perfect moment."

  • How to "burn in" your successes using the Louis and Copeland method of celebrating your victories.
This ebook is your "cheat sheet" to get you started, and get you through the day, as you overcome shyness and rejection fear with women.

"Rejecting Rejection" is not available anywhere else, and is only available as part of this program.

Important bonus number 2: A powerful, simple "quick start" audio system.
While the core content of the "Overcoming the Nice Guy Syndrome" is changing you on the inside, this "quick start system" will help you start to change on the outside, too.

To create this quick-start system, we went through the recordings of one of our recent seminars, and cherry-picked the four most important -- and briefest -- points that we shared with the shy men there.

This brief "quick start system" will show you the "four steps" you must take in your interactions with women, out in the real world...

First, overcome your bullsh!t story.
In this audio selection you'll hear us talk about what stops men -- especially shy men -- from approaching women they find attractive. We talk about how each shy man has a belief that stops him, and how that belief, though perhaps once true, is almost always outdated and ridiculous now.

We talk about how this "Bullsh!t Story" about yourself leaves you wanting to make up for it with an "act" -- some way to control women and force them to like you -- which never actually works.

Second, succeed at your #1 job with women.
In this brief audio selection, you'll discover the core skill you must have if you want to succeed at your number one job with women (you'll also learn what that job is -- and it's not what you probably think!).

Third, use the "no-technique" technique.
Shy men have a hard time using "techniques" with women. It doesn't matter how well they know the technique, because they just can't get themselves to use it. It's a problem.

That's where the "no-technique" technique comes in. In this quick audio, you'll learn how to use it as a fast and easy way to create deep, bonding conversations with women.

You'll also discover how to start and "deepen" conversations with women, so you don't seem like "just another guy."

Fourth, get out of the "friend zone."
Have you ever felt trapped as "just a friend" with a woman you desire? In this audio segment, you'll discover how to never have that problem again.

This audio is a bit longer than the others, but, if you're ready to stop being "just friends" with hot women, it's totally worth listening to.

These bonus audio segments are short, punchy, and information-packed. They cover only what you need to know, and not more, are full of straight talk, and are not available anywhere else.

You get these four bonus audios when you order your copy of the "Overcoming the 'Nice Guy' Syndrome" course.

Important bonus number 3: A great role model to help you take action with women once you've begun to overcome your shyness.

We recently realized that simply helping men overcome their shyness is not enough.

That's because you don't just want to "not be shy." You want to actually be able to take confident action with the women you desire.

That's why we've included this interview with Chris Curtis. Chris has never had a problem with shyness -- in fact, he's a Las Vegas Police Officer, a Hostage Negotiator, a weapons expert, and a former Marine.

You need to listen to the interview with Chris to really be able to start to think like a man who is not shy, so you can start "re-wiring your brain" about what is possible for you.

This interview is exclusive and not available anywhere else -- and will be pulled from the market when this special is over

Plus There's 2 more things we've rarely offered before

First -- download everything NOW. Downloadable products are great, because you can literally start benefiting from the program moments after you purchase it. There's no waiting for the CDs to arrive, and then no storing the CDs, and there's no trying to figure out how to get the files onto your phone so you can listen to them.

Since we released "Overcoming the Nice Guy Syndrome," we've only once allowed it to be downloaded -- it's otherwise always been "CD only." Looking back on it, I think David and I did this because we always viewed the content on these disks as something special. The techniques we'll share with you go beyond simple advice or flashy pep-talks. These techniques are really about transformation, and I think that for that reason, as much as any other, we've sort of held this program in a "place of honor," and always sold it on CDs only.

Well, we still hold this program in a "place of honor" -- but, after many requests, we are finally letting guys benefit from it right away, by making it downloadable.

Second -- and even more astonishing, we are also making the edited transcriptions downloadable. That's more than 65 information-packed pages of hard-hitting help for your shyness... And you can be reading it in minutes after you order your course.

When you order your program, you'll instantly be able to download the entire course -- there's nothing to be shipped to your house or office, and no embarrassment of having someone sign for your program when it arrives, and no evidence of it lying around. It's all nice and private. You'll get everything you need to get started, right away, minutes after you purchase your course.

So Here's What You Get
  • The complete downloadable "Overcoming the 'Nice Guy' Syndrome" audio course. You'll get more than 2 hours and 45 minutes of intense, one-on-one, studio-recorded and edited instruction and exercises. It's all specifically designed with shy men in mind -- this is not the run-of-the-mill, garden-variety "just go talk to her" stupid advice you've heard before. We get to the root of your shyness, and walk you through the techniques our coaching clients have paid literally thousands of dollars to learn in one-on-one coaching.

  • The compete, downloadable, edited transcript. We know that some men learn better by reading than they do by listening. For that reason, we've included the complete transcript of the entire course. But we didn't just copy word-for-word everything that was said... We formatted and edited it, making sure that the information is just as clear when you read it as it is when you listen to it.

    We don't have a separate price for this transcript, but I'm sure our coaching clients would have been willing to pay a lot for it, had it been available when they were overcoming their shyness. These complete transcripts are available, today, to you, when you grab your copy of this program.

  • The "Rejecting Rejection" ebook. This exclusive, not-available-anywhere-else ebook will get you the keys to overcoming rejection fear -- fast.

  • The four step audio "quick-start system." If you weren't a full-pay student at our weekend-long workshop, then you won't have heard these powerful tips. Now you can get them from the comfort of your home.

  • The "Hostage Negotiator" interview with Chris Curtis. This interview will give you a great window into how the "non-shy" think about women -- and will help you on your way to becoming like him! This interview is not available anywhere else.

Begin Your No-Longer-Shy Life NOW

You are moments away from getting these secrets for yourself.

Simply purchase your program and you'll be directed to the download page. In minutes, you'll have the entire course on your computer.

Just start listening, or relax and look over the edited, easily-readable transcript...

Then check out the information-packed bonus extras...

And find yourself overcoming the 'Nice Guy' syndrome, once and for all.

You can get this incredibly useful course, not for $495, not for $300, but for only $47...But only till Friday, July 19th...then it's off the market. If you come back after then and this page is gone, that's why.

Plus, you have a full month to evaluate the program. If you don't like it, you can return it for a full refund. No hassles, no trouble, and we'll still be friends.

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