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This six-lesson course covers specific, step-by-steps ways to...

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  • Create seductive "Disconnections" with the hottest women,
  • Use "Truth Disconnects" to get hot women to explain themselves to you,
  • Use SILENCE to make women seek your approval,
  • Use "Conditional Compliments" to get women to convince you to be with them,
  • Make yourself a valuable, scarce commodity by "disqualifying" yourself,
  • Be exciting and random by "Changing Direction"... And a lot more.

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Welcome to the The Mastery Program

Your Step-by-Step Course in Meeting, Flirting With, Dating and Seducing the Women of Your Dreams.

Created by Ron Louis and David Copeland, authors of the best-selling book "How to Succeed with Women" (Prentice Hall Press, 1998)

Mastery CDs

We were no different than you might be. Our relationships with women were dependent upon two things: luck and the whim of women who happened to be attracted to us. When either of us had sex, it was because we quite literally "Got lucky," and a woman decided to have us. We had little choice or power over when we had sex and relationships and what women we had those interactions with. Sex and relationships were, it seemed, a crap-shoot. Perhaps we'd meet someone, perhaps we wouldn't. Needless to say, we got tired of it.

Finally, we decided to that we would do whatever it took to find out what worked with women. We wanted to know how to seduce women and more--we wanted to know how to get the women we desired without being scum-bags, overly manipulative, and without violating our own senses of ethics and morality. We also wanted to know how to develop relationships with women that would be fulfilling both for us and for them.

That was seven years ago. We set out dating as much as we could and comparing notes after each and every interaction. Looking back, many of our interactions with women seemed unskilled and even laughable to us now, but we stuck with it. We found that as we kept at it and kept dating, we started to see the underlying structures of dating interactions, and began to have increasing levels of success.

Out of this work came the book How to Succeed With Women (Prentice Hall Press, 1998), which has now sold more than 85,000 copies, and is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew, and Japanese, and is currently being translated into Russian, Lithuanian, and Korean. We also began our dating coaching practice, in which we have had the pleasure of working with and tranforming the dating and sexual relationships of men from around the world.

Now we have taken all the best parts of our dating coaching program and gone into the studio to produce a 16-CD, 32 lesson training program. You'll get daily lessons, as well as recordings of us talking to women to show you specific flirting moves. Along with this you'll get an extensive workbook, tracking forms, and, for a limited time, a special free internet flirting book!

But whether or not you decide to get the audio course, we are committed that you find this web site useful. To that end we have posted lots of great seduction information on this site. Check it out!

Start learning now! Click on any of the links below to begin your step-by-step introduction to the Mastery Program.

Day 1: The Five Levels of Seducers
Day 2: Facing the Harsh Realities
Day 3: Introduction to the Fundamentals & Fundamental 1: Structures
Day 4: Fundamental 2: Interruption/Initiate Everything with Women
Day 5: Interruption/Initiation, Part 2: The "Hi" Program
Day 6: Fundamental #3: Make Rejection Your Friend
Day 7: Fundamental #4: Celebrating Your Victories
Days 8 & 9: Fundamental #5: Do Your Niche Work
Day 10: Personals Ads
Day 11: Fundamental #6. Go After What You Want; Show Your Romantic Interest Right Away
Day 12: Fundamental #7: Follow Up Leads, Don't Have a 'One and Only Hope'
Day 13: Fundamental #8: Be Building a Life You Love, Separate From Women
Day 14: Clothing and Style
Day 15: The Basics of Flirting and the "Rules of Women"
Day 16 & 17: Flirting Skill #1: "What's the Story Behind That?"
Day 18: Flirting skill #2: Situational Flirting
Day 19 – 21: Talking to Women: Deepening
Day 22: Using the Internet
Day 23: Flirting skill #3: The Good-bye Introduction; Handling Panic around Women
Day 24 – 26: Flirting skill #4: Conducting Romantic Conversations
Day 27: How You Resist Women
Day 28 & 29: The First Date/the First Kiss
Day 30: The Romance Date
Day 31: Problems and Trouble: Review this CD when You get Stopped
Day 32: Being a Level 5 "Man's Man."


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