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The Internet Seduction Toolkit
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There are now more women online than men...and now more than ever, many of these women are attractive and intelligent! But if you don't know where to find these women, or what to say to them via email or using instant message programs, than you'll never have the success you are looking for! This booklet takes you step by step through finding these women, and shows you specifically how to talk with them when you do.

Online can be a great place to meet and seduce women, but most guys make so many bone-headed mistakes that they blow any possibilities with the women they are trying to seduce.

If you are a shy guy, or if you feel nervous around women, the internet is one of the best places for you the flirt with and seduce women--from the comfort of your own home! Learning online flirting skills can be one way for you to increase your confidence with women, and use your shyness as an advantage.

Men who have read "How to Succeed with Women" done personal coaching with us, or who have listened to our tape series, "The Mastery Program," know that we prize useful knowledge and real-world examples. In this new booklet, we've compressed tons of useful distinctions, guidance and examples into 44 power-packed pages.

Ron Louis and David Copeland have not published this information anywhere else!

"The Internet Seduction Toolkit" covers:

-How to use America Online and other Chat clients

-Using "profiles" powerfully. When a woman meets you online, the first thing she does is look at your online profile. In "The Internet Seduction Toolkit," Louis and Copeland teach you the secrets that make profiles really work, and how to "break the rules" to make profiles that make women want to know you better.

-Keeping track of women online, and using chat clients to tracks where the women are.

-How to not be ruled by internet personal ads--how to find and flirt with the women you are most interested in, right now.

-Secrets of internet personal ads, such as the ones you'll use on popular internet dating sites. Topics include:

Not making the bonehead mistakes that dating sites seem to try to get you to make;

Touching her heart in the first sentence of your ad;

The do's and don't of describing yourself;

The top attractive phrases to use;

How to use "looking for friendship" to get women interested in you;

Setting yourself apart from the other guys; and

How to specify you are looking for an attractive women without saying "no fatties."

-How to find women online to flirt with, anytime of day or night.

-How to create personal "email responders" for handling large numbers of women.

- Easy ways to get lots of women into your online flirting "system."

- The five fundamental rules of flirting via email, and how to never break them again.

- Real world examples of email interchanges with women that worked, and discussion of the reasons why they worked.

- How to recognize when a woman is wasting your time, and moving on.

- How to turn any Instant Message conversation into a seductive conversation, with numerous real world examples, so you can see exactly how Louis and Copeland are thinking about internet seduction, every step of the way.

You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader Installed to read this booklet. We cannot help you with technical support in installing or using Adobe Acrobat. The downloadable version costs $24.95 with no postage and handling charges, and you download it right away!

Buy "The Internet Seduction Toolkit" (Electronic Version) for $24.95, and download it right away. (Electronic books cannot be returned.)
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